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As you might expect, our team includes programmers, designers, project managers, account managers, and search marketing specialists. Yet, it’s not an ordinary group of people who simply work under one roof. Bound by passions, they work together for what they are proud of. The Internet brought them together. The Internet is what they breathe, every day. And it’s the Internet that gives them to platform to grow themselves as professionals.

Samuel Benisty - Founder / Project Manager
Background: Lycos Europe, ZDNet, Grey Interactive and Cyberplex
"Being part of this adventure has been the most exciting of my life, besides having my baby boy. Coming from Paris 4 years ago, I wanted to succeed in Canada by bringing my experience and a European touch to the Toronto marketplace. It was a tough start, but our four years of hard work have paid off. We are now proud to serve 100+ customers who are referring us to other customers. The Canadian market, unline any other place gives you a chance to succeed and express your talent by giving you opportunities, ViUU is the end-result of this process mixing talent, creativity and generosity"

Frank Ni - Senior Team Manager Sales & Marketing
Background: Burson-Marsteller, Ogilvy & Mather, Cyberplex
“Like it or not, the web is our future, a part of everyone’s daily life as well as the life blood for virtually all existing and emerging businesses. While many businesses have been successful using the Internet to make profit, thousands remain confused about how to establish an online presence or storefront. It’s my passion to help them get started. After experiencing the rises and falls of a number of web design firms, I was convinced Viuu Media is one of the few that are structured to help small- to medium sized businesses. It’s a perfect match to my passion.”

Stephane Benisty - Project Manager
Specialty: Over 20 years of Web experience, web design, web development and optimization!

Mathilda Reese - Art/Interactive Director
Specialty: Over 10 years of Web Design experience working for large and small accounts (Fido, Toyota, Pedigree...)

Ivan Taldic - Senior Programmer
Specialty: CSS - Search Engine Optimization

Colleen Mitchells - Senior Web 2.0 Designer
Specialty: Web 2.0 designs
Background: Arte Media, BMW Canada

Sandra Goldberg - Senior Interactive Designer & Web developer
Background: Rogers Media, Universal Media