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How Challenging Minds is becoming a leading online educationnal store...


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You don't hire a web company to just execute a task. you hire a team full of expertise helping you and your company to grow online. We're here to bring our ideas, build custom solutions to fit your needs and do everything for you to become the reference in your industry... judge it by yourself

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Challenge: 4 weeks to build a one of a kind website facing multiple challenges...

  • A unique design that needs to be interactive and not use Flash, so it's mobile friendly and easier to load.
  • Build a live donation counter that is raised every time a donation is made
  • Create a unique backend that will allow the admin to self manage everything on the website, see the donation reports, export the data, and many more features...
  • Display live twitter feeds on the website


Challenge: Create a new "more up-to-date" website in terms of design and e-commerce management.

Shapings.com is the leading Canadian hosiery online shop. With more than 10 years of online presence, it was important to keep the website SEO friendly and please all the current customers and increase the # of daily sales. Our approach was to build the website spending time with our client to understand the current issues they encounter and what are the must-have features that their customers are asking.

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Davids footwear / Capezio shoes

Challenge: Build and maintain a website from the most luxurious and notorious shoe store in Canada online.

  • SEO: With an average of 500 visitors/day, ranking #1 on Google for "Shoes Toronto" and many other keywords, we achieved one of the most challenging SEO job we had to face.
  • Design: Davids and Capezio are targeting different customers and have to help the online customers to find the appropriate information as fast as possible and browse the product catalogs.
  • Backend: Providing a tool helping to self manage everything on the websites.